Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From the deep

Like the oil welling up from the floor of the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico, I too am trying to surface from the depths of silence on this blog. Life has gotten in the way of many fun past-times of mine and unfortunately this blog is the first to be cut loose. So here is my attempt to resurrect my online thoughts and stimulate yours.

You might have heard that during my trip to St. George for Patrick's Ironman I had my environmentalists' card revoked for not instinctively knowing how to drive/start a Prius. It's not a simple as turning the key (there is no key to turn). So I now am on my long journey to redeem myself as a true green environmentalist. In this light, I'll admit that I have trouble fathoming and understanding the scale of the size of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. So if you're like me here is a nice link to a few maps that have over-layed the spill onto maps of familiar metropolitan areas.

I found that when it's put into perspective like this it's hard to deny or overlook this catastrophe. I don't post this to be the fear-mongering environmentalist, but rather to help everyone have a perspective for this event. Only with understanding will there ever be action on any important matter.


Iris said...

Congratulations! You won my stevia giveaway... Can you e-mail me your address so I can pass it along to NuNaturals?

Champa said...

I came from my space here to let you know that I have updated the post with nutrition information. Thanks for visiting.